What's New
  • [2005-12-06] Released v1.3.2
  • [2004-11-04] Released v1.3.1
  • [2004-10-08] Released v1.3
  • [2004-09-18] Released v1.2.1
  • [2004-08-08] Released v1.2
  • [2004-06-21] Released v1.1
  • [2004-05-01] Released v1.0

The extension allows you to skip through redirect links and jump directly to the target link. This is especially useful within Hotmail messages where all links are opened in a frame displaying at the top the useless "Close this window to return to Hotmail".
When right-clicking on a link, the extension will attempt to determine if it is a redirect link and display three menu entries:

Picture of the Jump Link menus

The jumplink project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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